SOU・SOU hotei | Ise Cotton eco bag (New In)

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SOU · SOU, based in Kyoto, Japan, who are famous in textile design. Their pattern designs are mainly depicting the seasonal beauty of nature in Japan, aligned with their concept of "Creating New Japanese Culture".

5 Classic Patterns


Ise Cotton

Traditional Japanese Cloth Ise-momen cotton has more than 250 years of history since Edo

period (1603-1868). Ise cotton has the best touch and rustic texture like old cloth. The secret is the characteristic of Ise cotton, which is light and breathable, yet retains warmth. While most cotton becomes stiff after washing, Ise-cotton will become even softer after a few washes.

One Size

  • Width 48cm
  • Height to hand tip 48cm
  • Height to the base of the hand 25cm

Made in Japan