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◎ Product description

The mouthpiece bag, which was used by doctors in the past and was named Doctor Bag, has been redesigned to the size of a handbag. It is vertically longer than the S size and has a silhouette close to a square. Since it is made of all-leather and has an elegant finish, it can be expected to play an active role not only for everyday use but also for scenes that require dress-up such as ceremonial occasions. There is also a snap button on the base so you don't have to worry about opening it unexpectedly, and when you open it, the base opens wide so you can easily put things in and out.

The S size capacity can store small items such as smartphones, compact wallets , and small pouches with + α.


SIZE: W22 x H13 x D8 cm (excluding string)

Bottom: 22 cm

Handle: 31  ×  W2 cm

Weight: 340 g

Painting model 163cm


Material: Cowhide (oil leather)
Country of origin: JAPAN


* Cowhide is a domestic product. Due to the use of natural materials, there may be slight scratches, color unevenness, and slight differences in thickness from the beginning due to its characteristics. Please note.


Please read the following notes regarding handling. We hope that you will understand the characteristics of the product and use it for a long time.


-This product uses oil leather. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place and use the oil leather-specific method to clean it.
・ Please note that light-colored leather may transfer color from clothes such as jeans.
-Although the leather surface itself has a water-repellent effect, the effect may diminish over time, so please take care of it regularly. However, please note that water easily penetrates from the edges, backside, and seams of the leather.
-A general waterproof spray for leather cannot be used for oil leather. Also, even if you use a waterproof spray exclusively for oil leather, try it in an inconspicuous place before using it.