-FOLD- tote S

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Inspired by three-dimensional origami, a collection of all leathers with the theme of "fold (-FOLD-)". By digging the backside of the leather with a chisel, we expressed a unique silhouette of folding that could not be sewn together.

◎ Product description

A tote bag created with the aim of creating the most beautiful silhouette by using folding. It is designed so that the stitching is minimized at one place on the back side so that the foldability is not impaired. The organic line again is a design that can be expressed simply because it is folded. The bottom is designed to warp toward the center, which is a point that makes a beautiful silhouette as a whole. It also has bottom studs so you don't have to worry about putting it on the ground. The M size can be worn on the shoulder and has a capacity that is just right for everyday use.


◎ size

Width 24 cm x length 25 cm (excluding strings) x town 7-10 cm

Handle length 30.5 cm width 2 cm

Weight 260g


◎ Material used

Body: cowhide

*Because the material is derived from nature, small scratches may be seen from the beginning due to its characteristics. Please understand in advance.