-FOLD- curve

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Inspired by three-dimensional origami, a collection of all leathers with the theme of "fold (-FOLD-)". By digging the backside of the leather with a chisel, we expressed a unique silhouette of folding that could not be sewn together.

◎ Product description

A handbag with a design that curves from the bottom side to the top side so that the long side and the short side are exactly opposite. The chess pieces have a more abstract silhouette. The balance between dents and bulges is exquisite, and when viewed from diagonally above it is the easiest to capture the shape and it looks beautiful. The unique shape makes it interesting to put things in.


◎ size

13 cm wide x 20 cm long (excluding strings)

Bottom 6.5 cm x 12.5 cm

Handle length 33 cm width 2 cm

Weight 200g


◎ Material used

Body: cowhide

*Because the material is derived from nature, small scratches may be seen from the beginning due to its characteristics. Please understand in advance.