Collins incense sticks - Room No.11

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Collins Incense aims to make every precious moment a good mood that is remembered by their scents. This tin is an all-in-one product that combines the incense plate (tincase) and the incense clip, which functions as a holder so you don't need to buy or carry one so you can easily enjoy the incense anytime, anywhere. The tin protects the incense to keep it long-lasting and has space for a small lighter so you can light one on the bedside for a relaxing night at home or take it with you on the road for the right vibe anywhere.


Orchard’s Soil “Room No.11”

Collins Special Signature Fragrance

A blend of woody and citrus reminiscent of 'orchard soil'. The smell of earth spreads widely. The bark gently envelops refreshing mood. You can experience the harmony of fruits.

This is a traditional Korean-style incense stick made from harmless natural ingredients that produce less soot and smoke than traditional Indian incense.

Fragrance Note

Top | Citrus herbs, Bergamot 

Middle | Smoky Soil

Base | Sandalwood, Cedar wood

Mood | Change

Stick colour | Charcoal 

Includes 70 incense sticks, 2 incense clips, a tin case to protect your incense and a quickstart guide.

Dimensions (cm): 10.5W x 6L x 1H (Incense sticks are 9.5cm)

Burn time: 15-20 mins

Made in Korea