BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE- Riders mini drawstring bag

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Design features
The design of the bag looks like the details of a rider's jacket condensed into a single piece.

  • This is a miniature drawstring bag.
  • The bag is designed with a fold-over pocket for easy use.
  • Drawstring at the opening
  • Four exterior pockets  


  • Sheepskin with a similar texture to dead stock leather
  • Vegetable tannin is used in the tanning process to make the leather soft and absorb water well.
  • Special oil is added during the dyeing process to prevent the hard inner-core from remaining, which is the characteristic of vegetable tanning
  • The leather has a cowhide-like luster and supple feel
  • The jacket is garment washed and hand-ironed one by one during the finishing process
  • Beautiful luster and moist hand feel created by the craftsmen's hand



18 cm length

12 cm width

12 cm depth


Sheep Leather 100%

lining: cupro 50%、cotton50%