BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE- double-end selvedge denim blouson

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【Design Features】 ・A voluminous two-way denim blouson with a changeable design
・ The 3rd type blouson with both chest pockets
・A unique pattern with a back hem cut and rounded shape
・ By turning the top and bottom upside down, it changes into the 1st denim blouson. ・The design changes by turning the top and bottom 180 degrees and then 270 degrees.
・The pattern structure is worn by rotating the side lines to the front yoke and the front edge to the front hem.
・A unique item that allows you to enjoy the 1st and 3rd type in one piece
・ Logo-embroideryossed neoprene buttons
・Hip length ・Long sleeves
・beautiful people original Standard 12oz denim with different colored selvedge on the left and right sides
・A special coating is applied to the surface of the fabric to prevent the indigo from falling off, reducing fading and increasing wear strength.

size 34

length 19.6”
shoulder widths 19.2”
body width 28.9”
sleeve length 20.8”
sleeve width 14.3”
cuff width 5.3”

size 36

length 20.4”
shoulder widths 20”
body width 30.1”
sleeve length 21.8”
sleeve width 14.9”
cuff width 5.5”