【伝統工芸士】手作銀箔 shopper bag

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◎ KENTO HASHIGUCHI × Traditional craftsman Isao Shirai (hand fir silver foil)

A shopper bag realized in collaboration with a traditional craftsman in Kyoto and a young bag designer active in Kyoto. Using the traditional technique "hand fir foil" used in Nishijin, Kyoto, the uniquely developed "silver foil" expresses a three-dimensional shadow by spraying ink, giving the illusion of uneven metal. .. Since all are handmade, the finished hand fir silver foil is completed as a material that is unique in the world. There are two types of handles that use leather straps and Kyoto braids.

<Nishijin hand fir silver foil>

This is a technique for weaving kimono obi. Grip the silver paper base by hand and use the wrinkles to create a pattern. "Hand fir silver foil" is colored and spread after kneading. It is an indispensable and important item in the Nishijin obi. The strength of the bag has been increased by pasting the canvas fabric on the back of the hand-kneaded silver foil. In addition, PVC (laminated) fabric is sewn together on the front to make it a paper material that is easy to use.

◎ size

Horizontal: 33 cm(Wide)× 26 cm(Long)×11 cm(Gusset), 48 cm(String)

Vertical: 26 cm(Wide)× 33 cm(Long)×11 cm(Gusset), 48 cm(String)

◎ Material used

<Nishijin hand fir silver leaf>

A technique for weaving a kimono belt. Grip the base of silver paper with your hand and resulting wrinkles to create a pattern. The strength of the bag is increased by sticking a canvas cloth on the back of the hand-firted silver foil. Alternatively, PVC (laminate) fabric is sewn on the front together to make it a paper material and easy to use.


-The material of silver foil is paper. Although the surface is covered with vinyl, please note that water may penetrate from the seams etc.

-Since the fabric is used as it is cut off, it may be loose depending on the use. If it is loose, cut it with scissors without pulling.

-Please note that the vinyl used on the surface is susceptible to heat and may deform. Also, due to the nature of the material, it may gradually turn yellow.

-The handle is made of black leather leather strap. The coating may peel off as it is used.

We hope that you will enjoy this work by understanding the above points.