Shopper bag Grey

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◎ Product description

About bags People who usually use shopper bags that are often seen in town. In that case, it was this shopper bag that I thought of as a "bag". Although it looks like a shopper, the handle is made of cow leather and has bottom studs, so it is a sturdy and perfect bag. It is a work filled with a lot of bag makers' attention, such as how to attach a handle.

◎ size

Horizontal: 33 cm(Wide)× 26 cm(Long)×11 cm(Gusset), 48 cm(String)

Vertical: 26 cm(Wide)× 33 cm(Long)×11 cm(Gusset), 48 cm(String)

◎ Material used

Laminate Kurashiki canvas (100% cotton) (manufactured by Takeyari Co., Ltd.)

*About Takeyari's canvas The canvas used in this work is directly purchased from Takeyari, a well-established canvas factory with 120 years of history. Takeyari Co., Ltd. is a company that employs the old-fashioned shuttle loom (a primitive loom that mechanizes the work of hand-weaving), which is rarely seen in the world, and specializes in weaving sturdy and thick canvas. .. The quality of the material is first-class because it is woven with this machine and uses high quality made in Japan canvas that has passed the strict inspection of craftsmen. About Takeyari Co., Ltd.