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Inspired by three-dimensional origami, a collection of all leathers with the theme of "fold (-FOLD-)". By digging the backside of the leather with a chisel, we expressed a unique silhouette of folding that could not be sewn together.

◎ Product description

A handbag with a design that twists 45 degrees from the bottom to the top. The top square is designed to be larger than the bottom. Since the fastener is attached to the side surface, it is also characteristic that it is twisted together with the side surface. It is the largest of the three new handbags this time and has a large capacity. The silhouette when viewed from the front is quite well arranged.


◎ size

11 cm wide x 21.5 cm long (excluding strings)

Bottom 8 cm x 8 cm

Top 11 cm x 11 cm

Handle length 33 cm width 2 cm

Weight 210g


◎ Material used

Body: cowhide

*Because the material is derived from nature, small scratches may be seen from the beginning due to its characteristics. Please understand in advance.