-FOLD- crystal

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Inspired by three-dimensional origami, a collection of all leathers with the theme of "fold (-FOLD-)". By digging the backside of the leather with a chisel, we expressed a unique silhouette of folding that could not be sewn together.

◎ Product description

A handbag made from crystals. The bottom is a pentagon, so the design expands a little and becomes smaller toward the top. To minimize stitching, it is made from almost one pattern. The engraving of the chisel is straight and has an edge. It has a small appearance, but it has the storage capacity for the smallest items.


◎ size

15 cm wide x 19 cm long (excluding strings)

Bottom 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm

Handle length 33 cm width 2 cm

Weight 140g


◎ Material used

Body: cowhide

*Because the material is derived from nature, small scratches may be seen from the beginning due to its characteristics. Please understand in advance.