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◎ About -crumple-

-crumple- means "to crumple".

Following the -FOLD- series, this time too, I was inspired by the characteristics of "paper".

When crumpling paper, the behavior seems intentional at first glance, but if you look at each of the wrinkles in it, you can see that they are happening outside of our intentions.

We are not aiming to wrinkle it.

Wrinkles bring results that are independent of our will.

This time, we evaluate the given result as a design.

It is a kind of generative design (algorithmic design).

In addition, the wrinkles also have an irreproducible live performance.

It is impossible to unfold a piece of crumpled paper and return it to exactly the same state.


◎ Work description

I made it aiming for a feeling of size that can be used daily. The luggage required for daily commuting to school can be stored without problems, and it seems that it can be compactly stored even for one night and two days. The crumple series is light and can be rolled into small pieces due to the characteristics of the fabric, making it convenient for storage. There is a zipper on the back side, so you can put in and take out some things from the side without opening and closing the top cover. We recommend that you store frequently used items in the front pocket. We are particular about how to attach the shoulder straps so that the excess straps will not be fluffy even if the length is adjusted. Leather is used for parts that require strength, resulting in a balance that combines lightness and strength.


SIZE: W30 x H40  × D8cm

・ Front pocket: W25 x H20 x D3cm

・ Back pocket: W25cm x H23cm

Weight: 350g

Model height 163cm / 176cm

Material: crumple fabric (nylon / aluminum sheet), cowhide (oil leather)
Country of origin: JAPAN




crumple fabric

An original nylon special fabric to express the wrinkles of paper with a bag. By pasting an ultra-thin aluminum sheet on the back side of nylon, it maintains its shape change and maintains its shape like crumpled paper. The aluminum sheet inside also has the characteristics of metal, so it is one of the pleasures to look forward to the aging of the fabric due to the usage time.

* Since the fabric is made by laminating aluminum sheets, it may weaken the communication of the radio wave equipment inside.

* The aluminum sheet inside will cause metal fatigue as it is used. As you use it, the wrinkles become finer and the fabric itself becomes softer.

* The fabric has a water-repellent effect, but the effect diminishes as it is used. Also, please handle it with care as it is not completely waterproof.


Please read the following notes regarding handling. We hope that you will understand the characteristics of the product and use it for a long time.

・ If the fabric of the product is light in color, the color may transfer from the clothes you are matching. Pay particular attention to color transfer from denim and used clothing.
・ If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth moistened with water. Please note that if there is a period of time after it gets dirty, it will deposit and it will be difficult to remove the dirt.